In what can be seen as taking misusing people’s lack of information post the rollout of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the country, a train ticket collector (TC) on Ahmedabad-Mumbai train was seen collecting an extra Rs 20 from each passenger. However, the TC had to return the money back after there was a protest by the passengers. 

Given that there are several compliance and issues after the rollout of the GST and many things are unclear about the new tax regime as of now, one thing which was made very clear that all the rules and guidelines of GST will be imposed from the midnight of 1st of July.

According to reports, the passengers of Ahmedabad-Mumbai were saying that they had a word with their CA and were clarifying that all the tickets which were purchased before 1st of July will not be under GST and that it will be applicable on tickets purchased from July 1st onwards.

Now, it seems that the TC was trying to fool people and make some profit amidst all the confusion and chaos relating to the GST.

However, the TT was trying to show some receipts but talking about the railways as of now, no special receipt books have been allotted to these TTs to collect extra amount from the passengers. 

Speaking on the matter, Former IAS Officer SP Singh said, “I think the action should be taken against the TC concern because GST is applicable only after 1st of July. So this kind of case should be reported to the police. Also people at large has to understand about GST and its rules.”

This kind of cheating may also take place through other ways also and such confusion among the people can continue for a while,” SP Singh added.