NewsX has accessed satellite images of airfields being built by China — already airstrips that are ready in the ‘occupied’ region of Tibet — the satellites images shows the scale of Chinese operation in the given region.

More than 10 airstrips that have already been constructed and some that are operative as well, conducting the paramilitary exercises at these airfields.

At least one of these airfields is being utilised to refuel planes for Pakistan. The activities can be proven by multiple satellite images that are very clearly and evidently showing these airstrips being built.

Around a dozen satellite images that have been accessed by NewsX, ranges from 2007 to 2017. In a span of almost a decade, what the Pakistan, the Peoples Liberation Airforce (PLA) has managed to do is that they have encircled the entire India’s north and the eastern region boundaries and surrounded them with these airstrips.

These are not the generic airports for the development of the region but these airstrips have peculiar characteristics of military aircraft being used. The images accessed by NewsX shows the areas and activities being practiced there.

The airstrips have been built near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China and have dual purpose i.e; for military and civil use.

This is to mention that images accessed by NewsX are through commercial satellites.  

 Xi’s Pak-China ‘Air Corridor’ | Characterstics of some airfields

Airfield 1 — Hotan

  • Used as refuelling point for aircrafts ferrying
    material for Pakistan
  • Large hangars being built in its south-east

Airfield 2 — Keriya

  • 3200 meter runway being built
  • Facilities for ATC, Power, Heat, fuel supplies

Airfield 3 — Ari Gunsa

  • Frequently used for high altitude testings
  • Specifically used for landing strategic 15 ABC troops

Airfiled 4 — Shigatse

  • Commonly used by PLAAF aircrafts
  • Strategic air lifters l1-76, J-10s, J-11s deployed

Concern 1

Airfields improve speed of troop deployment in HOS

Concern 2

Air corridor to Pakistan running near India front

Concern 3

China’s air-craft carrier disadvantage neutralsied

According to some sources, China has systematically speed up it’s air base upgradation since 2010. China’s strategic air-lifters is stationed just 700 kms from the Indian border.

Speaking on the issue, Defence Expert Raj Kadyan said that China has a history of creeping into neighbours territory using different tactics and then they will assert their right that they have been doing it. Now according to an agreement between China and India in 2012, any dispute on border has to involve all the parties that have a stake in it.

Defence Expert GJ Singh said that this is a very serious matter and Government of India should be concerned about it.

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