In an exclusive conversation with NewsX, AIADMK chief VK Sasikala’s husband M Natarajan discussed about his role in the party, relationship with former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, the divide of AIADMK in different factions and current politics of Tamil Nadu. 

NewsX: What has been your role in the AIADMK, you often refer yourself as an outsider, someone who has been a backroom worker for the party?

Natarajan: My Role, I cannot claim myself with roles. I am never after the powers and positions in the government. Immediately after the demise of the J Jayalalithaa, even before her death, we have developed good relation with madamji. Sasikala has been very closely associated with the knowledge, with the consent of the founder leader of the AIADMK and former CM. So through that we developed the contact. The moment MGR as chief minister died, we had growled and that growled cannot be reacted or reenacted.

On one side the Congress wanted to capture the power in the absence of MGR and another side, the DMK wanted to capture the power in Tami Nadu. DMK chief Karunanidhi, was under the thinking that nobody hereafter will be able to question him. In that situation, we raised her (Jayalalithaa) to this position, despite her desire not to be in politics. Make it clear, she never ever wanted to be in politics … circumstances made it but who created the circumstances. 

NewsX: Your relation with J Jayalalithaa had many ups and down, what exactly went wrong?

Natarajan: Jayalalithaa used to agree the good suggestions, but sometimes suggestions which were not agreeable to her, she would feel that she was opposed by me. I am opposing her. So that is the sense of insecurity that persisted in her mind & throat in the early stages.

“But I continued to help her,” added Natarajan. 

NewsX: O Panneerselvam (OPS) says one of his main demand is that your family, Sasikala’s family needs to be kept aside. Also the fact that there should be a CBI inquiry into Jaya’s death?

Natarajan: Let him (OPS) come in front of the same camera, I am ready to answer him.

NewsX: Why do they (OPS) faction suspect a foul play in Jaya’s death?

Natarajan: Due to somebody’s else compulsions they are demanding this. They know in the heart that madam Jayalalithaa died after heart attack … otherwise how the London doctor gives … She’s okay, she is now better, all the doctors given every information was being submitted to the central government. Even the AIIMS doctor were under direct contact … these are all silly thing. 

“It’s unethical on the part of political leader in Tamil Nadu to doubt the death of madam Jayalalithaa whom they treated as a mother,” Natarajan said.

Highlights of Sasikala’s husband M Natarajan interview to NewsX

  • Rajinikanth failed to join politics in 1996, now its too late for him to make a political plunge.
  • There is no third faction in Tamil Nadu; media made Dinakaran the third faction.
  • I left Jayalalithaa because she was insecure.
  • Jaya was in power because of us.
  • Panneerselvam was in Janakai’s camp. 
  • Sasikala brought OPS to Jayalalithaa’s camp
  • CBI inquiry on Amma’s death is ridiculous.
  • My family was victimised for its loyalty.
  • Sonia Gandhi manipulated Jayalalithaa
  • There is no political vacuum in Tamil Nadu.
  • BJP has always been friendly with Jayalalithaa.
  • BJP can enter Tamil Nadu but it cannot rule individually.