In a strange incident, a woman delivered baby in an ambulance that was surrounded by a pride of lions. The incident took place in  Lunsapur village in Amreli, Gujarat recently.

According to reports, the ambulance carrying the woman in labour was on its way to the hospital when the paramedics staff realised that the woman could give birth any time. So they decided to stop the ambulance and conduct the delivery. 

Meanwhile, the ambulance staff called a physician to take the instructions, they noticed that a group of lions had surrounded the ambulance. Not taking any risks, they decided to halt the ambulance and wait for the lions to leave. However, it did not happen and lions later started encircling around it.   

The situation became more tense when the lions started roaring loudly as the crowning of the baby started after the delivery. But everything went well and both woman and the baby were taken to a government hospital.

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