How many times does it happen that one’s life takes a total different turn after a tragedy is witnessed? Quite a few times some may say. Well those who still wait to be inspired, here is something. A minor boy hailing from Hyderabad has taken upon himself the work of filling the many existing potholes of the city, leaving the Government and concerned authorities red-faced.

The 12-year-old boy identified as Ravi Teja hails from Hyderabad and carries a wooden box with stones and other things which he uses to fill up the numerous pot holes lying open on roads.

This change was brought about in the 12-year-old after he witnessed a family of three losing their lives when they fell into a pothole. This incident occurred when a bike carrying two adult passengers along with a 14-month-old overturned when the driver tried to manoeuvre a pothole. All three lost their lives on the spot. Saddened and moved by the tragedy, Teja took the responsibility upon himself to bring a change in the society rather than sit back at home and shed tears.

NewsX got in touch with Ravi and tried to understand the reason for his unusual but brave act. The 12-year-old said that it was the death of the child that left him saddened. The main reason he resorted to take this step — filling up the potholes across the city — because he doesn’t want anybody to die due to potholes. He said that he wants to change the fate of the commuters.

This underprivileged boy who struggles to make ends meet may not have the best clothes to wear or other fancy ‘needs’ but he sure does have a heart of gold — something that many of us lack

Well if this was not enough to give you motivation, here is another story of Dadarao Bilhore, a resident from Mumbai who has found a unique way of paying tribute to his teenage son, who he lost in an accident in 2015. Post the fatal accident that took place in July 2015, Bilhore fills up small potholes when he spots them on Mumbai roads. So, if one has the intention to change, no matter how big or small, it is not impossible.