In a sad incident, a Delhi businessman ended up with a hole in his stomach after he gulped down a drink laced with liquid nitrogen.

According to reports, the businessman was partying with his friends in a pub in Gurgaon when they ordered a cocktail with liquid nitrogen. He gulped down the drink before even before the smoke coming out of the drink could evaporate.

After having the drink, the 30-year-old started feeling sick and complained of abdomen swelling and breathlessness. He was rushed to the hospital and was operated upon soon after it was found that he had developed a hole in his stomach.

According to doctors, the lower and middle portion of man’s stomach were ‘open like a book’. The surgical team decided to remove the damaged portion and artificially joined the remaining portion with small intestine.

He was kept on ventilator for 3 days before being discharged from the hospital is doing absolutely fine now.