In a big relief to bar, pub and liquor shop owners, the Supreme Court on Tuesady released a statement clarifying its previous order on liquor ban which led to protests in many parts of the country. The Apex court has exempted roads in cities from the ban and has reiterated that stopping the sale of liquor on highways is the primary goal.

Providing more clarity to where exactly the ban on liquor sales comes into effect, the Supreme Court stated that city roads are different from highways. If the highway goes through a city then there’s nothing wrong with the liquor business around that area.

The Supreme Court further stated that the main purpose is to prohibit the sale and consumption of liquor on highways and within highways vicinity. The idea is to stop the incidents of drunk driving of fast vehicles and road rampage that sometimes follow.

The Court said that there’s “nothing wrong in denotifying roads in cities” and also clarified that there is “no blanket ban on liquor”.

This has come after a petition was filed by a Chandigarh-based NGO which protested SC’s order of banning liquor vends in national and state highways.

The liquor stores and bars suffered huge losses after it was announced that selling liquor within the 500 metres of national highways is illegal. It led to uprooting of many businesses and there was huge dissent among owners of such places.