The Law Commission of India on Tuesday suggested compulsory registration of marriage within 30 days of the wedding. The Commission has decided to punish the defaulters with a fine on per day basis for delay without valid reason.

As soon as the law comes into action, the couples who will fail to register their marriage on time will be devoid of facilities that require marriage certificate.

“However, the penalty so imposed should be made with respect to specific date subject to a maximum of rupees one hundred keeping in view the prevailing conditions in our country,”the Commission added.

The Commission will also aim at preventing child marriage and concentrate on gender equality and women empowerment, “It would also aid in eliminating practices such early 6 and forced marriages.8 It can be helpful in achieving gender equality and empowering women.” 

Meanwhile, the Yogi Adityanath led government in Uttar Pradesh is all set to make registrations compulsory for all marriages irrespective of religion.

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