To mark the 100 days of BJP government in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath gave an exclusive interview to NewsX and spoke on several issues. According to the CM, he is more than content with his tenure so far and is prepared to head on challenges posed in the state.

UP CM appreciates the immense faith people have shown in the party to elect them to power and understands the huge expectations of people but he says he won’t shy away from the burden of expectations and is rather determined to fulfil them.

Here are some excerpts of the interview:


NewsX: On the completion of 100 days, how will you rate your government so far?

CM Adityanath: We got Uttar Pradesh in a condition where there was no work ethic among employees holding public offices. No discipline among officials from top to bottom, rampant corruption and totally disinterested staff.

Our government is working towards bringing the state to a new age and obviously there are extreme challenges but we are determined.

We have started repair and construction of roads, better availability of electricity and several initiatives have been taken for the public welfare.

Several strategies have been implemented to reinstate a new work ethic in government employees, eradicate corruption and lawlessness. There are also iron fists measures been taken to uproot the uncontrolled ‘jungle raj’ in the state.


NewsX: Law and order is one of the biggest issues in Uttar Pradesh, do you think your government has upto the mark in controlling it?

CM Adityanath: Various government institutions and organisations in Uttar Pradesh have been destroyed for personal and family gains, and the state is paying the price of such wrongdoings.

We are highly focused on improving the law and order condition in the state. In the first month of our government, law and order flourished quite effectively but in the following month, people started challenging it again. Now in the last month people are working more in the confinements of law.

What’s challenging is mediating the long running feuds between two parties in villages and reaching a compromise. We are looking into the loopholes of it.

We will soon tighten the noose on all kind of mafias, be it land mafias, sand mafias, forest mafias, mining mafias or people involved in organised crimes; we won’t let anyone fiddle with it again.

Watch the video for the entire interview.