Kolkata Police arrested actor Vikram Chatterjee in the wee hours of Friday morning. A sudden raid was carried out by a special police team of south division where in Vikram Chatterjee was apprehended from his residence in Kasba late on Thursday night. Police sources claim, he had been absconding and trying to hide facts regarding the car crash, leading to his arrest on Thursday night.

Chatterjee was detained on the grounds of culpable homicide not amounting to murder under the non-bailable section 304 of the IPC. According to police sources, the Toyota Corolla Altis which was being driven by Chatterjee, was moving at a high speed before the crash and was allegedly driving in a reckless manner that lead to the death of model Sonika Singh Chauhan in April.

Vikram was allegedly inebriated (intoxicated/drunk) while driving. The car driven by Chatterjee had rammed into a pavement on the Rash Behari Avenue. However, due to lack of evidence, the actor has been charged with causing death due to rash and negligent driving.