In yet another case highlighting the apathy in Indian agriculture sector, a farmer in Madhya Pradesh was forced to use his two daughters as oxen to plough his fields.

Ridden with financial crisis, the farmer belonging to Sehore’s Basantpur Pangri area said that he resorted to such situation as he does not have “enough money to buy oxen” or to keep up with their maintenance.

“Don’t have enough money to buy oxen, ploughing fields to sow of maize crop,” said the farmer.

The two girls who have studied till 8th standard were compelled to drop out of the school following the financial distress of the farmer’s family.

Sardar Barela is among the score of farmers in Madhya Pradesh that has been reeling under severe protests asking the state government to waive off their loan citing severe drought last season.

The development comes on the foreground of the Mandsaur farmers’ protest in Madhya Pradesh after five people lost lives and several others got injured after police opened fire at the agitators.

The farmers’ were gathered in Mandsaur district to launch a week-long protest demanding better compensation for their crop in the drought-hit region. The farmers alleged Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led government for lack of support towards them despite aware of the drought situation in the state.

With the cases of farmers suicide rate growing in Madhya Pradesh, the protesters also demanded the govt to take account of the severe drought and help with waiving off their loan against the loss incurred during the drought season.

Moreover, financial Pundits have also expresses concern over the role of demonetisation in aggravating the farmer, already under deep stress. Notably, demonetisation is served to have disrupted an aspect of the rural economy from land buying, credit networks, crop prices to procurement of fertilizers and tools.