A day after taking U-turn after first denying and then confirming its Vice President Rahul Gandhi meeting Chinese envoy, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday slammed Congress and questioned their patriotism amid the stand-off between India-China at Doklam in Sikkim.

“This is not an issue of who meeting whom but to lie that this didn’t happen. The patriotism of Congress leaders are at question and that is where they need to clarify,” he said.

Speaking to the media, Swamy questioned why Congress lied about Rahul Gandhi meeting Chinese envoy Luo Zhaohui and condemned it of meddling in the matters of national security.

“It is shocking to involve China in internal affairs of India and in matters of national security,” added Swamy.

Citing Congress’ response to reports of Rahul Gandhi meeting Chinese envoy as “fake news” and later accepting it, Swamy said that the manner in which the entire episode was executed shows Congress was planning something covert as it was caught later.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala on Monday in a series of tweets said, “Some news channels were running fake news on Rahul’s alleged meeting with the Chinese Ambassador”.

Later amid the pressure after the media reports, Congress accepted that its vice-president met Bhutanese envoy as well along with the Chinese authority.

“Various ambassadors and envoys keep meeting the Congress president and the vice-president from time to time on a courtesy basis, particularly those of G5 nations and also of the neighbouring countries,” said Surjewala.

Calling the development as a regular affair, Congress said that no one should try to “sensationalise” such courtesy calls as. Senior party leader Anand Sharma also added to the tune saying that the meeting was blown out of proportion and unnecessarily sensationalised.

“This is a non-issue. I am surprised how it has been distorted and blown out of proportion,” said Anand Sharma.

The meeting came amid the stand-off between India and China over the tri-junction area of Doklam sector near Bhutan.

The stand-off emerged between India and China came to light after the reports of Chinese army making an attempt to build a road near the tri-junction area of Doklam sector near Bhutan.

Both Bhutan and China recognise Dokalam under their territorial rights.