In another case of atrocities against women, a victim from Indore on Wednesday claimed that she was raped by 2 men after her husband lost her as a bet during a game of gambling.

The horrific matter was highlighted in a public hearing which was organised by the Indore police. Even though the matter was brought out in open, a complaint is yet to be registered against the accused.

Commenting on the matter, a police official said that the 38-year-old victim claimed that her husband had lost her to 2 men in game of gambling. After being harassed for a while, the two accused raped her claiming that her husband had lost her in gambling.  

While taking to PTI, Women Police Station in-charge of Indore, Jyoti Sharma said that the victim’s complaint has been registered and all the accused have been summoned in the matter.

When asked if the case has been registered yet or not, Police official said that since the allegations are yet to be corroborated, no case has been registered so far.