Swati, the country’s oldest tigress, passed away at the Guwahati State Zoo in the wee hours of Sunday. As per the officials, the tigress died because of old age. She was 20.

While speaking to ANI, Tezaz Manswamy, DFO Guwahati Zoo, said that Swati was the oldest surviving tiger in India and she died of old age. From sometime, she was losing weight and was facing old age problems.

The oldest tiger in the country would have turned 21 this January.

In 2005, Swati, the Royal Bengal Tigress, was brought to Guwahati Zoo where she gave birth to 6 cubs. Birina, one of the 6 cubs by Swati, is currently in the Assam State Zoo while two others born had died in the past few years.

Swati was born on January 28th 1997.

Even though the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has put an average life span of Royal Bengal tiger between 14 and 16 years; all the tigers in the captivity have had an average life span of around 18 years.

In 2014, a male Royal Bengal tiger that passed away in Kanpur Zoo had lived up to 26 years of age. After Swati’s death, the State Zoo is left with only 4 tigers — two Royal Bengal Tigers and two white tigers.

DFO Mariswamy said that all the tigers left are males and the process to get more male tigers in the zoo is underway.

Speaking to Indian Express, he said, “We are in the process of acquiring a male tiger soon.”