The nation is all set to witness one of the biggest head-to-head fight between NDA’s Ram Nath Kovind and opposition candidate Meira Kumar. With both the parties fielding a Dalit candidate, these elections are also being seen as ‘Dalit vs Dalit’ fight. The legislators and the Parliamentarians will be voting from 10:00 am to elect the next President of India.

One of the two is expected to succeed the current President of India — Pranab Mukherjee — whose term will be expiring on July 24. The former President will be given a ‘goodbye’ farewell on July 23rd.

Post the oath taking ceremony which will be taking place on July 25th in the presence of Chief Justice of India (CJI) the new President will be taking over the post.

NDA’s Ram Nath Kovind enjoys the support of almost 60% votes while his competitor — Meira Kumar — is backed by only 17 parties. Taking the other way round, Bihar Chief Minister and Janata Dal United (JD-U) chief, Nitish Kumar has decided to back Ram Nath Kovind, leaving the opposition twisted.

In just a few hours from now India will be welcoming its new President and before it does, we give you a quick guide over how the President of India is elected.

People do not elect the President. Instead, the President is elected by an electoral college which includes members of the Parliament and State Assemblies. The Electoral College (EC) consists of 4,896 members – 543 Members of Lok Sabha, Members of Rajya Sabha (233) and total members of State Assemblies (4120).

Also, the nominated members in Rajya Sabha are ineligible to enjoy the voting rights.

Presidential elections are not as same as the regular elections. In this, each Member of Parliament (MP) and each Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) has a certain vote value attached to it which differs from state to state. Like a UP legislator has a vote value of 208 and the counterparts (from Arunanchal Pradesh) have just vote value of 8.

Also, in new order by the Election Commission (EC), MPs have been asked to cast their votes in ‘green’ box while MLAs will be voting in ‘pink’. As per the EC, the voters have to make sure that they use ‘violet’ ink while voting failing which their votes will be deemed invalid.

The winning candidate has to secure at least 50% of the 10,98,903 votes. The total votes constitute of 5,49,408 for MPs and 5,49,495 for MLAs.

The Presidential Polls will be taking place today from 10 am and the counting will be taking place at the Lok Sabha on July 20 where the ballot boxes will be brought in from all the other states.

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