The Parliament on Wednesday witnessed uproar after Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agarwal linked Hindu gods with alcohol brands, sparking protests in the Rajya Sabha.

The Rajya Sabha members attacked Agarwal for linking Hindu gods with alcohol brands and demanded an apology from him.

Agarwal was speaking on the lynchings in the name of cow during the debate.

He narrated an incident in 1991 when he visited a school that was turned into a jail. He said the names of some Hindu deities linked to some types of alcohol were written on the wall of the school.

Pointing towards the treasury bench, Agarwal said these lines were written by “your people”.

BJP members, including ministers, demanded an apology from the Samajwadi member, shouting that they won’t let anyone “insult Hindu Gods”.

Arun Jaitley also criticised the SP leader for linking the name of Hindu Gods to alcohol brands and said nobody realised the gravity of what Agarwal said. He also added that that the politician could be liable to prosecution had he said it outside the house.

After examining the clip of Naresh Agarwal’s statement, PJ Kurien said it was derogatory and hurt the sentiments of a community.

“Statements made by Naresh Aggarwal hurt the sentiments of Hindu community and was derogatory,” PJ Kurien said.

Agarwal later took his comments back after Kurien condemned it.

(With IANS inputs)