Deepak says he stands by Roopa and believes that Sasikala has been given VIP treatment in prison. Says strong action should be taken against people who corrupted Sasikala. 

Deepak also supports Kamal Hassan, says he will welcome him into politics.

Phone interview: 

“I support madam Roopa. I believe Sasikala has been given VIP treatment. When I saw her in jail, I didn’t see her in jail uniform. EPS didn’t comment anything on this. Dinakaran is not part of party. So I don’t subscribe to his view. I support Roopa, like Kiran Bedi. There is no law in Karnataka. That’s why all this is happening. 

Had this happened in our state then my aunty would have sent the person to Tihar. Roopa has been transferred but prisoner is enjoying. Action has to be taken against people who corrupted her. 

If Kamal feels govt is corrupt then let him proceed show proof. I support Kamal as an individual. I like his style.  I believe in his ideologies”