Senior most Congress leader of Gujarat Shankarsinh Vaghela gave a major blow to the party ahead of the assembly elections in the state. Vaghela on Friday said the party high command had expelled him. Shankarsinh Vaghela —announced his resignation at a public rally organised for his 77th birthday in Gandhinagar. He said, “I will resign as Leader of Opposition in the state Assembly and quit as MLA after the Rajya Sabha election on August 8.”

Vaghela claimed he was a victim of intra-party conspiracy, due to which the party had shown him the door.

He said the party did not even wait to hear what he would say at Friday’s event before taking the decision to throw him out. Vaghela termed it a case of “vinashkale vipareet budhdhi”. Appealing to his supporters, he said that the “final high command” are the people.

Meanwhile the details of Vaghela’s future plans still remain under wraps. A lot of speculations have been doing rounds, with Vaghela launching his own party or him returning back to his old party — Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

However while addressing the rally Vaghela mentioned that he met Congress president Sonia Gandhi a few days back and told her that he won’t break her trust by joining Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Vaghela also added that he would not be joining any political party.

While addessing the public rally on his 77th birthday, Vaghela said, “My party has shown me the door. I share my name with Lord Shankar. I will also digest poison. I am 77 not out. I am not quitting. Revolt is in my blood. I don’t care what loss I have to bear. I cannot see injustice happening.”

“After working for sevadal in the ’60s, I came in contact with RSS people. They were very good. They taught me how public life should be,” Vaghela said at the function in Gandhinagar.

(With inputs from IANS)