A day after West Bengal Chief Minister shouted ‘BJP quit India’ slogan and pledged to remove Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) from power; the saffron party on Saturday hit back saying that Mamata Banerjee is merely following a “daydream” that will never be a reality for her.

Speaking to the media, BJP leader S Prakash said that Mamata has been “dreaming about this from quite a long time” and is getting anxious as BJP is making roads into TMC’s vote bank in West Bengal.

Mocking Banerjee, he further said, “Even in West Bengal she is facing the heat of BJP. In the next elections, the BJP will make a big dent in TMC’s vote bank that is why she is worried.”

Citing the cross voting witnessed during the Presidential election, senior BJP state leader Rahul Sinha said that even TMC lawmakers voted for National Democratic Alliance (NDA) nominee Ram Nath Kovind instead of Meira Kumar.

Earlier, on Friday, Banerjee slammed Modi government and announced to launch a three-week long event with slogan ‘BJP Bharat Chhodo’ movement. The event slated to begin on August 9 will last until August 30 and will have the complete attendance of Mamata cabinet and party workers.

Speaking during Martyr’s Day rally in Kolkata, the CM accused Centre of meddling in state affairs.

“We are residing in India at a time when we do not know whether we have our democracy or not,” she said.

Pledging to uproot BJP in general elections in 2019, Mamta said the next polls will not be a cakewalk for PM Modi.

“Remember Modi Babu (Prime Minister Narendra Modi), you will not get even 30 per cent of the votes,” said Mamata.

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