Going through a severe fund crush situation, the Chennai Corporation are exploring the possibility of reducing Amma canteens in the city. The civic body, which is unable to settle bills of corporators for completed infrastructure projects worth Rs 700, is likely to reduce the number of canteens from 400 to 200.

However, the decision to close thee canteens has been deferred at the moment owing to the political worry that the ruling party has ahead of the local body elections.

There are a total of 407 canteens in the city but owing to cash crunch the corporation is mulling over a proposal to reduced the canteens by half. The decision for this has to come from the State officials who are afraid about the political impact of such a move.

Ever since the Amma brand of canteens started, economist have talked about how this could be a huge strain on the fiscal budget of the Chennai Corporation. But the initiatives taken under the Amma brand of welfare schemes, the party has earned a lot of goodwill. 

Reacting to this development, Political Analyst Sumanth C Raman said, “Clearly the government must take necessary steps to ensure that the earlier level of services are maintained.”