A recent report by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India which is the government’s top auditor has blamed the Indian railways for catering food that is unfit for consumption.

The report was filed after a survey of 80 trains across 74 stations concluded that recycled and expired food packages were offered for sale inside station premises and train.

The report reviewed quality, hygiene, affordability and also availability of food to the passengers of the Indian Railways.

The report also pointed out that lack of pantry cars in several long distance trains added to the vows of the passengers that led to the increase of unauthorised food being sold by hawkers on the train indicating. 

The report further highlighted that the water that was being used to prepare food was unpurified and taken directly from tap. Wastebins were not covered or the waste was not being dumped regularly. It was also found that food ingredients were being left open exposing them to flies, insects, rats and cockroaches.    

“Action taken by Railway Administration for the deviation from the quality standards was not effective,” the report further added.