In another incident being reported from Mumbai, which highlights the alarming levels of civic apathy, a biker was crushed to death on Sunday after she hit a pothole on the highway and fell under a truck.

The deceased was later identified as 34-year-old Jagruti Viraj Hogale. According to official reports, the lady biker belonged to a women-only bikers’ club and was on her way to a weekend getaway.

Further disclosing the matter, an official said that the matter took place at around 9AM on Sunday when Jagruti and her friends were heading from Bandra in Mumbai to Jawhar.

Since it was raining heavily, Hogale failed to spot the pothole and as she swerved to avoid it, she was thrown off her bike onto the road. The official reports suggested that she was crushed by the rear wheel of the truck she was trying to overtake.

The friends who were just right behind her, found Hogale lying dead, by the time they reached to her.

A lot has already been done to wake the concerned authorities against the killings taking place by the ignorance of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).   

Recently, a Mumbai-based Radio Jockey (RJ), Malishka, who tried to bring out the civic issues in a video, was slammed by BMC to pay Rs 10,000 as fine over her defamatory video against the BMC.