Accusing Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) of not respect diversity and promoting ‘Hindi-centric’ nation, Congress on Tuesday said that there is no existing law that debars a state from having their own flag besides the national tricolour.

Reacting to the Centre calling the demand put forward by Karnataka government laced with political agenda, Congress said that just because the state wants a flag does not necessary signify that they do not respect the national flag.

Speaking to the media, senior congress leader from Karnataka said, “BJP wants to have a uniform kind of a country. They are Hindi-Centric.”

Speaking further he said that the BJP “does not trust” other people and the saffron party does “not respect diversity.”

Earlier, senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor also raised the similar concern stating that the Centre government should have no issues with Karnataka’s demand if the constitution allows it.

Karnataka Government on July 18 constituted a nine-member panel to pan out the possibility of designing a separate flag for the state.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has also defended the demand for a separate flag for the state.

“Is there any provision in the Constitution that prohibits a state to have its own flag? Did BJP people come across any provision?” he said.