In an appalling incident, a video showing a drunken Uttar Pradesh cop and a prisoner buying tobacco from a road side kiosk has left the department red faced, highlighting the nexus between the police and criminals in the state.

Besides being drunk during service hours, the police constable also asked the accused to buy cigarettes and tobacco for them.

Reportedly, the incident took place on Friday in Itah district of Uttar Pradesh when it was caught on camera by an onlooker.

The 59-second video shows the Policeman in uniform standing in front of a street shop and buying tobacco, while the criminal who is handcuffed stands and apparently seems to be paying for the purchase the cop made

Notably, the drunk cop, on his way to the police station along with the criminal was carrying his duty rifle even as he barely manages to stand still on the ground.

The video further shows the cop evading questions posed by the person who was filming the act.

“Are you here to threat me,” asks the person recording when the cop came to stop from being video taped.

Later the cops can be seen taking an e-rickshaw and leaving the spot, claiming to go to the local police station in the area.

Surprisingly, the cops were meek spectators when the criminal seems to be threatening the person on asking if he had bribed the Policeman.




(This video was posted by ANI)