The Congress has segregated 44 of its MLAs from Gujarat at a private resort in Bengaluru ahead of crucial Rajya Sabha elections in which Ahmed Patel, political secretary to Congress President Sonia Gandhi, is seeking to return to the Upper House. The Congress has accused BJP President Amit Shah of engineering defections in Gujarat by “money and muscle power”.

As per current reports, Congress President Sonia Gandhi has decided to keep a close vigilance on the MLAs and thus many of their phones have been switched off. This had led to restlessness among the segregated MLAs in the resort.

Sources told NewsX, D Shivkumar has been given the responsibility of keeping the Gujarat MLA safe. Shivkumar who was in a trip to Singapore has cut short his trip and rushed to Bengaluru.

The Congress jolted by the exit of six of its legislators in 24 hours, with one more likely to leave, flew off most of the party’s remaining MLAs to Bengaluru on Friday night.

As many as 44 of the remaining 51 Congress MLAs left for Bengaluru, most of them by 11.45 p.m. Indigo flight from Ahmedabad to Bengaluru in Congress-ruled Karnataka while the others from South Gujarat and Saurashtra flew off through Mumbai to the South Indian metropolis.

(With inputs from IANS)

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