Srikrishna Kulkarni, nephew of Opposition’s vice presidential candidate Gopalkrishna Gandhi in a letter has protested his candidature saying that he was aligning with the party that sponsors dynasty politics; something Mahatma Gandhi would never approve of.

“Even the fiercest critics of Gandhiji won’t deny that Gandhiji opposed entitlements due to birth,” he wrote in the letter.

Speaking further, Srikrishna Kulkarni accused the Nehru-Gandhi family of re-institutionalizing dynastic succession in the country.

Referring to Congress president, he said that Sonia Gandhi has been sitting at the helm of the party for last 18 years. Now her son Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi will follow the suit as he is in line for succession, Kulkarni added.

Reflecting on his disappointment, Kulkarni said, “Of all, you choose to be their candidate? I saw with dismay images of you filing nomination flanked by family of dynastic politics.”

Questioning Gopalkrishna Gandhi’s silence over the years he said, “So many scandals over so many years, and not a single comment from you. Do you really believe all these are political vendetta?”

The letter comes a day after Gopalkrishna Gandhi asked for a televised discussion with NDA candidate Venkaiah Naidu so that the MPs get a perspective when they vote for India’s next Vice President.

The Vice President poll is scheduled to take place on 5th August and today marks the last day for filing nomination papers for the top post.

A total of 790 MPs of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha combined will constitute the Electoral College for the Vice President selection.

Gopal Krishna Gandhi has been backed by the Congress for the post, but his chances of defeating Naidu is less favoured as NDA holds a clear majority in the Lok Sabha.


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