In a major crackdown on a smuggling syndicate, the Indian Coast Guard Ship Samudra Pavak on Saturday detained a Panama ship carrying 1500 kgs heroine to the tune of Rs 3500 crores value in the illegal market.

Working on specific Intel, the the coast guard intercepted the merchant vessel and brought it to the port for investigation. The amount of drugs found on the ship is the biggest narcotics seize till date.  

The successful operation is being credited as one of the biggest drug racket crack down on sea route in last 3 decades. The detention was a result of successful multiagency operations involving both sea and air surveillance, well coordinated by the ICG.

Two ICG ships ‘Samudra Pavak’ and ‘Ankit’ on 27th of July along with some aircraft were diverted to track the Panama vessel. The vessel which was heading towards Alang ship breaking yard was suspected of carrying some suspicious material in it.

Later with the help of inputs from the National Technical Research Ortganisation (NTRO), The Coast Guard started regularly monitoring the ship movements and apprehended the vessel on 29 Jul 2017 around 12: 00 hrs. NTRO onb 27th of July informed the Coast Guard about a big drug haul which could take place along the coast of Gujarat, following which two ICG ships were diverted and deployed in the route of the merchant vessel. The vessel was initially named ‘Prince 2’, later its name was changed to ‘Henry’ which further increased Guard’s suspicion. 

‘Ankit’ and  ‘Samudra Pavak’ bordered the suspected ship on Saturday, and while interrogating the officials learnt that the merchant vessel is loaded with 1500 kgs of drugs.

The vessel was later brought to Porbandar coast, where the 8 crew members arrested from the boat are being interrogated by the Gujarat Police, Navy and the Indian Coast guard. Details about the source of the big drug carriage and the intention behind such massive carriage will be revealed, once the interrogation is over.

For the 2nd time in two months a Panamanian ship is under scanner, earlier in June the captain and two policemen of a Panama ship was detained by police in Kochi for killing two fishermen and injuring 11 others.