In the wake of Rajya Sabha elections which are scheduled for August 8, the Gujarat unit of Congress on Wednesday decided to approach Supreme Court over the use of NOTA (none of the above) in the upcoming elections.

Disagreeing over the application of NOTA in Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections, Congress said that the use of NOTA was made for General elections and not for the Rajya Sabha elections as the mechanism in Rajya Sabha elections is entirely different from the General elections.

The development came in after the union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had said that NOTA were made applicable by the Election Commission (EC) on January 2014. It was the time when the UPA government was in power.

Earlier on August 1, the opposing Congress had also raised the issue with Election Commission and urged that the use of NOPT should not be made applicable in Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections.

In a petition filed to EC, the Party said that the use of NOTA during these elections is contrary to the mandate of the Constitution.

The party’s petition against NOTA comes in the wake of defections in its Gujarat unit ahead of the poll. Congress Party’s candidature for the upcoming Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections is Ahmed Patel.

Not rolling-back of the NOTA comes as another major jot to the Congress party after at least 6 of its MLAs resigned from the party.