The Pakistan government’s official website was hacked earlier on Thursday, with Indian Independence Day greetings and National anthem being displayed on the screen. The site allegedly also had a note saying, “Hacked by Ne0 h4ck3r.” The website was not functional for since morning but was restored later today.

It has been reported that prior to this 4 Indian institute websites were hacked by the ‘Pakistan Haxors Crew’; which is a pro-Pakistan group.

Reports said that this incident has come after 4 months of alleged hacking of 4 Indian institutes that were hacked by the same notorious group of hackers. The institutes were the Indian Institute of Delhi (IIT Delhi), Indian Institute of Varanasi (IIT BHU), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and Delhi University (DU).

The reports said that these Indian websites had pro-Pakistan slogans, like “Pakistan Zindabad” displaying on them. As reported, when approached, the hackers suggested that they did not specifically targeted any websites in particular but it is easier to hack such websites.

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