Shocking incidents of braid chopping are being reported from various states, where women are claiming their hair is being chopped off mysteriously.

Three women from Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh are the latest to claim being victim of the ongoing bizarre scare.

The panic has struck people in the rural areas, so much that the Uttar Pradesh police had to intervene and appeal to people to not to believe in rumours, the police have assured that the cases are being investigated and proper measures will be taken to stop such incidents.

Earlier on Wednesday, similar kind of a case was reported from Delhi, where a woman and her 3 daughters complained that their braids were cut mysteriously.

Revealing about the incident to ANI, the mother of three said, “I woke up around 3:00 am to go the washroom and when I came back I saw a chunk of my hair on the bed. I woke up my husband and found my daughters’ hair chopped off too.

a 45-year-old woman from west Delhi had also complained her braids were cut mysteriously, Omwati complained that her hair was snipped when she had gone to the washroom at her home at Tilangpur Kotla village in Ranhola area around 11.30 pm on Tuesday.

The outbreak has further raised various rumours, sparking illogical speculations around the mis-happenings. Since July more than 55 women from across the country have reported such incidents.

A woman in Agra was recently killed in wake of such incidents, where she was beaten to death by villagers who claimed that she was a witch with evil intentions. The villagers also linked her with the hair cutting incidents arising in the nearby areas.