It seems that the Indian Railways has taken up the task to ‘treat’ its passengers with a variety of dead ‘reptiles and vermin’ in the meals being served by them.

In a shocking incident, passengers travelling from Goa to Mumbai found a cockroach in the biryani that was served to them. According to reports, the incident took place on May 14.

Yameen Shiekh, who resides at Meera Road in Mumbai, with his family was travelling from Goa to Mumbai, when he ordered a biryani and found a cockroach in it. The incident has come to light not many days after a dead lizard was found in the Indian Railways food.

Both the cases were reported after the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India after a survey on the food served by Indian Railways said that it was unfit for consumption.

The report was filed after a survey of 80 trains across 74 stations concluded that recycled and expired food packages were offered for sale inside station premises and train.

The report reviewed quality, hygiene, affordability and also availability of food to the passengers of the Indian Railways.

The report also pointed out that lack of pantry cars in several long distance trains added to the vows of the passengers that led to the increase of unauthorised food being sold by hawkers on the train indicating.