In a shocking incident, a retired Sikh army officer’s family was brutally beaten up and thrashed by goons in Bengaluru, Karnataka. His wife and two sons were also brutally assaulted by the goons in the IT capital of the country. The incident took place in May but despite repeated pleas by the family and FIR, no action has been taken yet by the Bengaluru police. 

Col (Retired) RS Uppal, who served in  the Indian Army from 1967-2004 said that the they had complained the matter to the Bengaluru police but they failed to provide them the security despite complaints of threats that they have received from anonymous people.

Colonel Uppal has approached the ‘Akal Takht’ for protection as he has alleged that the Bengaluru police have failed to protect his family even after registering an FIR and seeking the police’s help.

The Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has spoken to his Karnataka counterpart and asked for his intervention to sort the case. 

According to reports, it started as a minor scuffle between two neighbours led to a violent assault of the Sikh family.

Harmeet one of the son of Col (Retired) RS Uppal, was brutally thrashed and suffered 5 fractures and hospitilised for 7 days.  The family also approached the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) in Punjab. 

Victim Harmeet, who was thrashed brutally by the goons and suffered fractures while speaking to NewsX said, “I think they were just after our property. Prior to that they came to us and asked us to remove some pots from the road. We had put these pots to mitigate the smell because of the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) which is right opposite to our home. We had kept them but they got it physically removed with the help of police … We had just put the pots on our parking spot where our car can be kept and it wasn’t affecting the vehicular movement, vehicles could move on the road easily but they started intimidating us and also gave a lot of verbal abuses to my mother.

Harmeet’s mother Surrender while briefing the incident said, “Their whole motive was only to take our property … I don’t know them at all, we are just new neighbours, I come from services background and lived with all kinds of people,  I go well with everybody but they kept us on giving the mental torture. They said if I will come out and they will molest me. It’s very sad, my sons were going to die and I would have collapsed.”

Mentioning why they suspected that the goons were after their property, Brother said, the associates cut our water supply that was was reported and then the president of the association made a statement to us and said sell the property and go away. They subsequently came around and told us 3-4 times that sell the property and go away and that is the reason when this thought came to our mind. 

Harmeet’s brother Harpreet, who was also beaten up while explaining the incident said that the morning the incident took place, they were some people on the gate so I went down. I decided to go out because I saw the association manager and the security person who had recongised. They called me out … I thought that there is a comfort level as I recongnise these people. Then I saw 4 people that I din’t recongise. They were talking in a language that I didn’t understand. Then one of them said that he will break my legs … I told them them that there is already an FIR which has been filed against the neighbour and he can’t let them in, even if they have a valid reason. They have to come with a police escort and then this entire incident took place and he was hit. 

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