The self proclaimed ‘non-party man’ M Venkaiah Naidu inevitably triumphed in the Vice Presidential Elections on Saturday, pipping opposition’s candidate Gopalkrishna Gandhi with a margin of 272 votes.

This victory makes him the first NDA candidate to win in past 10 years.

The NDA candidate will assume his new position as the Vice President of India on August 11, after the term of current chairholder Dr. Hamid Ansari ends on August 10.

Requiring 386 votes to eclipse the polls, Naidu recorded 516 (67.9%) votes while Gandhi received 244 (32.1%) votes in his favour.

Earlier while on his way to Parliament before the elections started, Venkaiah Naidu said, “I am not contesting elections against anyone or any party.”

“I am contesting for the Vice President of India,” he added.

Before heading into the elections, NDA gloated of 81 Rajya Sabha members and 338 Lok Sabha members. Along with the further support of AIADMK (50), YSR Congress (10) and the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (14); the end result of the Vice Presidential elections was to go in Naidu’s favour.

Out of the total 785 members — 543 from Lok Sabha and 244 from Rajya Sabha — a remarkable 771 members took part in the elections, registering a voting percentage of 98.21%.

14 MPs — 2 from BJP, 2 from INC, 2 from IUML, 4 from TMC, 1 from NCP, 1 from PMK and 2 Independent — did not part take in the Vice Presidential polls.