An angry mob of around 150 people in Rohini area of national capital burned down a car carrying three men, after finding out that the 3 had abducted a girl forcefully and tried to rape her.

The incident happened at midnight on Saturday when three men kidnapped a girl by dragging her into their car. Later the girl shouted and cried for her life which alarmed the public, the locals then gathered around and rescued the girl after forcing the car to stop. One of the three accused though managed to flee away from the site.

Angered with the incident, the mob took the matter into their hands and thrashed the two men, before handing them to the local police. The frenzied mob also burned down the car that was being used by the three.

According to some eyewitnesses the girl was shouting for help while being carried away in the car and despite a Delhi Police PCR van standing nearby the police didn’t step up to the girl’s rescue. The mob which took control of the site also raised questions with the police regarding their incompetency of reaching in time at the site for proper action.

The police however maintained deep silence on the matter, claiming that they were on their way as soon as the incident was reported.

According to the police the girl was left dread with fear after the incident, but is absolutely fine with no injuries. The incident occurred early midnight on Saturday when the girl was returning back home from her work, she was forcefully dragged into a car by three men who assaulted her on the way and attempted to rape her.

Police have registered a complaint and are further investigating the matter.

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