In a bid to promote the regional culture and language in the state, the Kannada Development Authority (KDA) on Monday announced mandatory usage of Kannada as the primary language in all the national, rural and scheduled banks of the state.

All the regional heads of the banks in Karnataka were directed by a circular released by KDA to make it mandatory for their non-Kannada employees in the banks to learn the local language in six months of time.

KDA chairman SG Siddaramiah in the circular issued to banks said, “If employees fail to learn Kannada in six months, they should be relieved of their services in accordance with the recruitment rules.“

He also mentioned that a Kannada unit should be set up in all the branches of the banks like Hindi units were opened throughout the country, when the national language was implemented stated the authority.

“I have widely noticed the lack of will by administrators in implementing the local language in many banks, ignoring the local language and not paying due respect to it can lead to conflicts in the future. Banks will have to take up the measure on an immediate basis,” said Siddaramaiah.

The authority also directed the banks to follow the three-language formula in all their documents and advertisements, to make it easy for the local people to exchange information with banks.

The KDA has also sought a report from the banks on the implementation of Kannada. Chairman Siddaramaiah is also likely to visit the banks soon and review the process of execution.