In a bizarre incident two people have been apprehended at the Pune airport for trying to smuggle foreign currency worth Rs. 1.29 Crores by allegedly hiding it inside tiffin boxes containing ‘upma’. It has been said that the two were travelling to Dubai.

The Pune airport authorities have claimed that they have held a man and a woman, in two separate incidents yesterday, who were trying to smuggle foreign currency worth Rs. 1.29 crores in tiffin boxes filled with upma. 

The Immigration officer alerted the Custom officers and asked them to check the baggage of a male passenger travelling to Dubai; when he found that that he was carrying a bag that appeared unusually heavy.

Sometime later a woman travelling to Dubai, who was on the same flight, was also held by the authorities with a bag containing tiffin boxes filled with upma that were also lined with foreign currency.

The authorities stated that the weight of the bags containing the tiffin boxes exceeded the normal expected weight. The boxes containing upma were found to be lined with foreign currency–USD 86,000 and Euro 15, 0000; worth Rs. 1.29 crores approx.

The authorities are investigating if the two incidents are connected.