Days after deplorable remarks from Haryana Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) vice president Ramveer Bhatt asking Varnika Kundu on being out ‘that late’ on the night she was stalked in Chandigarh; another party leader Babul Supriyo has now defended accused Vikas Barala saying that just because the “guy chases a girl” while he is “drunk” he cannot be charged with abduction case.

Taking his ‘view’ on the case, Supriyo said, “Guys, think rationally. Guy chases a girl- he’s drunk!Deplorable. But why charge him with ‘Abduction’ etc without investigation?”

The response appears to be the casual approach towards the crime, singer turned Union Minister further says that there was no point to drag Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala in the case just to create sensational headlines.

“Why drag his father in2 it? Just cuz a Neta’s son’s mischief make better headlines?”Desh ki Beti ko insaaf chahiye?(Daughter of nation wants justice)” etc etc!  Why?” said Supriyo.

The actor did not stop there and asked everyone to think ‘different’ saying, “If investigations reveal the guy guilty of nonbailable offences, the law exists and it will prevail but taint the men in uniforms prematurely?”

Taking the moot point from the Barala stalking case, Supriyo then asked “justice Seekers” to also raise similar concerns over the killings in Kerala.

“Why aren’t some JusticeSeekers raising voices for the youngster hacked 2 death in Kerala or the 61yr old woman raped and killed in WB 2?”

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Earlier after the victims post on being stalked by the son of Subhash Barala went viral, Varnika Kundu wretchedly faced more absurd reactions to her story as she was even questioned on being out ‘that late’ when the incident occurred, perhaps ultimately the only reason leading to a hot pursuit like this for some people.

In a follow-up to her incident, BJP vice president in Haryana Ramveer Bhatti had the courtesy to ask the woman who was being stalked, the point of roaming around at night and why she was even allowed to roam around at night?

“Why was she allowed to roam around at night? Parents should not allow their children to stay out late…what is the point of roaming around at night?” Bhatti was quoted as saying.

In a strong retaliation, Kundu during an interview with a private news channel said, “It is none of his business, it is my business and my family’s what I do and where…If it wasn’t for men like these, I wouldn’t be unsafe going out… whether it was 12 am or 2 am or 4 am.”

“If it happens at night it’s my fault? Can the men not control their urges at night? Why am I being questioned?  I am the one who was under attack…but they are not questioned,” she added.

Varnika on Friday had posted details of a dreadful chase on Facebook involving Vikas Barala, who was allegedly stalking her on the streets of Chandigarh in his SUV.

As per reports, she called up the local police during the incident night and mentioned that she was being chased by Vikas along with a friend.  

The police have registered a case under Section 354 D (stalking) of the Indian Penal Code and Section 185 (Motor Vehicle Act) of the CrPC.

But later, both the accused were released on bail after being booked under sections of the IPC and the Motor Vehicles Act.