After being summoned by the police in connection with the Chandigarh stalking case, the accused Vikas Barala has now gone missing along with his other friend and accused Ashish Kumar.

The duo has claimed that they are out of town and cannot report by the given deadline of 11AM. The Chandigarh Police has now decided to raid Subhash Barala’s Chandigarh residence in a quest to grab the accused who according to the police is on the run.

Meanwhile Subhash Barala, the father of the accused has said that his son will cooperate with the police in the probe: “Vikas has left for Chandigarh to join the probe, he will fully cooperate; we respect the law, Vikas has cooperated in the probe earlier as well.”

Vikas and his friend Ashish were arrested on Friday night for stalking and harassing Varnika Kundu, the daughter of a senior Haryana IAS officer.

The accused though were bailed shortly after the arrest, later CCTV footage verified by the police confirmed their crime, giving Chandigarh Police enough evidence to summon Barala for further interrogation. The police in the summon letter also mentioned the deadline of 11AM which had to be strictly adhered to.

The deadline of the summons are now over which could mean the bails of the accused getting cancelled. An arrest warrant is likely to be issued next after several failed attempts by the police to get hold of the accused duo.

Allegations on BJP backing the accused has been surfacing as Subhash Barala, father of Vikas are the chief of BJP Haryana.  The case has garnered overwhelming support from people all around the country, with various media houses campaigning for the stalker son’s arrest.

The VVIP son and his friend had earlier refused to give their blood and urine samples during investigation after their detention. According to the reports they were both absolutely drunk when detained on Friday night.

Chandigarh Police, had been under scanner for biased handling of the case but with emerging evidences and support, the police has now shown progress in the investigation.