In another insensitive incident, a government primary school in Uttar Pradesh’s Mirzapur was turned into a ‘dance bar’ by the locals on the night of Rakshabandhan.

According to reports, a number of village heads from the nearby villages turned the primary school into a ‘dance bar’. It has also been reported that the village heads had called the bar girls.

It is a disturbing incident that a school, which is a place to learn and acquire knowledge, was turned into a dance bar by the locals.

Earlier, in another such incident that had exposed the poor state of affairs and administration’s sensitivity towards patients in a hospital, patients in a government hospital in Rampur suffered throughout the night due to the DJ night that was being organised inside the premises.

According to reports, loud music and dance was witnessed till late night inside the government hospital premises in Rampur creating trouble for the patients.

It was only after when people complained about it, the concerned officials took the action.