Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Thursday passed a notice of motion to make Vande Matram compulsory in BMC run schools. It will be sent to the state government for final decision, according to the Mumbai Mayor.

The proposal to make singing of ‘Vande Mataram’ mandatory in all civic schools was made by a BJP corporator in BMC’s general body meeting.

Sandeep Patel, who is a BJP corporator from Goregoan tabled a notice of motion demanding that Vande Mataram should be compulsorily in all BMC schools twice a week.

Previously in July, a huge controversy was erupted after over Vande Mataram, when a BJP Maharashtra lawmaker Raj Purohit announced that he would ask the state government to introduce a policy making the national song’s singing compulsory.

“I will urge Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis that Maharashtra should adopt a policy on the lines of the Madras High Court judgement making singing of Vande Mataram compulsory,” Purohit informed the media.  

Reacting on Raj Purohit’s move, Samajwadi Party President and MLA Abu Asim Azmi had said that though he had great respect for ‘Vande Mataram’, but he would not sing it under any circumstances, come what may.

“When India was partitioned, nowhere it was said that if we (Muslims) stayed back in India, we would be forced to sing it. You may shoot me or throw me out of the country, but we will not sing it,” he said.

Composed by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay in 1870s, Vande Mataram is a poem which he included in his 1881 novel Anandamath.

The first two verses of the song were adopted as the National Song of India in October 1937 by Congress Working Committee prior to the end of colonial rule in August 1947.