On Saturday, Delhi Police arrested a man for allegedly killing his female friend who had been pressurising him to get married.

The matter was highlighted after a report of a missing 21-year-old woman, hailing from Rohini’s Alipur area, was filed with the police on Friday, following which a special team was formed to carry out search operations.

Commenting on the matter, a senior police official said that during initial investigations, relating to the missing girl, it was found that the victim was last seen with her friend, Pradeep.

Following the evidences, Pradeep was detained and during interrogation he confessed killing the girl, official added.

During questioning he told police that he had known her for 5 years and they wanted to get married. But since the girl was not from his caste, Pradeep’s parents were against the marriage.

Frustrated over the constant pressure of marriage from the girl, Pradeep strangulated her using his shirt in a field.

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