There are stringent laws on drunken driving on India and the public has always been advised by police to not drink and drive. Thus, people generally hailed cabs to get back home after a late night of partying. But now a new law in Kerala has irked the public.

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ new ‘Motor Vehicles driving regulation 2017’ (MVR), drivers now can’t take drunk passengers. The law, which came into effect on June 23, states that if drivers are found carrying passengers who are drunk, they will be punished.

Twitterati have slammed this new rule stating that it is ‘bizarre’. Post Production Specialist Vijay Venkataramanan tells NewsX, “The move will be counter-productive. If drivers and cabbies won’t drive inebriated passengers, it will only encourage people to drive under the influence of alcohol, putting more people in danger.”

Numerous tweets also agreed with this line of thought. Vaibhav Gadodia tweeted, “If they roll up cabs in this, this is a backwards step – easy access to a cab after a night out drinking is what prevents drunk driving.”

However, the Kerala government has yet to implement it. Drivers with online taxi services have expressed their concern as it would affect their revenue considerably.

Drunk driving has been a major concern in Kerala. It was reported that 691 people had been booked for drunken driving by the police in 12 hours in the areas Ernakulam, Idukky, Alappuzha and Kottayam. The special drive was carried out from 5 PM on Saturday till 5 AM on Sunday.

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