Prime Minister Narendra Modi touched hearts of millions around the country with his innovative speech on the eve of country’s 70th Independence day. Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday heaped praises on Prime Minister’s addressal calling it a reflection of innovation and motivation and the ultimate development goal the country is heading towards.

 “As a colleague I feel the need to appreciate certain remarkable and distinct patterns emerging from his address, which reflects in his entire concept of governance almost like mantras. Broadly, there are several underlying themes into which the thrust of every single point he made can be placed. At the very outset the Prime Minister recalled the contribution and sacrifices made by our freedom fighters and martyrs, who ensured that we remain fearlessly free indicating the sensitivity of this government towards its heroes, freedom fighters and those who attained martyrdom in the line of duty,” Rajnath said in a statement, mentioning how the speech by the Prime Minister was a steer reflection of the country’s freedom struggle and the sacrifices which were made by the freedom fighters.

Referring to the emphasis PM Modi shown on the Gorakhpur tragedy and the current flood situation the Home Minister said It was a reassuring statement to the victims that the nation is sensitive enough to not forget those suffering and unable to celebrate.

“He empathised with those affected by the Gorakhpur tragedy and the recent natural calamities like floods and landslides which have affected many parts of the country. This was a reassuring statement to the victims to make from the ramparts of the Red Fort, that even in  its celebratory moments, the nation is sensitive enough to not forget those suffering and unable to celebrate.”

Appreciating the Prime Minister’s stand on peace in the Kashmir valley, Rajnath Singh said it was heartwarming for him to see the PM making his government’s stand clear on the complex issue.

“It was heartwarming to see the Prime Minister making his government’s stand clear when he said “Na Gaali Na Goli” can resolve the complexities of Kashmir issue. On the contrary it could only be resolved by embracing the common Kashmiri. The Centre has been consistent in its belief that the common Kashmiri wants to be an active stakeholder in the peace process. They have been made victim by certain vested interests who do not want peace in the Kashmir valley. The Prime Minister in his speech appealed to those who take recourse to violence and exhorted them to abjure violence and adopt democratic means to voice their concerns and grievances” Rajnath stated.

Further decoding PM’s speech, the Home Minister explained how demonetisation has been a success in countering corruption and money laundering which has brilliantly strengthened against corruption.

“Steps like demonetisation, notification of the Benami Law and its enforcement to seize Rs 800 crore worth properties, crackdown on shell companies and post-demonetisation data mining to detect suspicious accounts have clearly underlined our Prime Minister’s integrity, the government’s intent and his decisive decision making ability,” Rajnath said.

“Our armed  forces have made innumerable sacrifices and gone the extra mile to protect our nation from its enemies. The best example of our forces taking extra ordinary measures to protect the country was when the Indian Army crossed the LoC  conducting  surgical strikes and successfully destroying terrorist launch pads close to border. Realising the need to showcase the valiant acts of our armed forces, I am happy that the PM announced the launch of a unique website to document and preserve the heroic acts of men and women in Indian armed forces who have been awarded gallantry awards,” he said praising the valour Indian armed forces have prevailed in tackling numerous terrorist operations and safeguarding the borders. Hailing the surgical strikes conducted by the Indian Army on terrorist bases inside Pakistan the home minister called it the most extra ordinary feat achieved by our forces uin quest of securing the nation from terror agents.

Mentioning how people have been encouraged to participate in government decisions and a bedrock of strong democracy is being sculpted the Home Minister said “The Prime Minister called for an India where democracy does not end at the voting booth but just begins from there to form the bedrock of a participative democracy. His focus on people’s participation in issues of governance is commendable. In LokTantra he said, Lok should drive the Tantra rather than governments devising Tantra for the Lok.”

Concluding on Prime Minister Modi’s mention of his vision of a ‘New India’, Rajanth said that it is the right time to laid the foundation for a new India and the journey for the same has already begun

“Taking inspiration from our shastras, Prime Minister Modi stressed that  the time is right to build a New India and we should not miss this opportunity. The journey from ‘Today’s India’ to ‘New India’ has already begun. The momentum has been built in the three years of this government. Now it  has to be transformed into a mass movement and the  Prime Minister exhorted the people of India to join this ‘New India’ movement stating that this could be a historic turning point in India’s independent history and in  its quest for reclaiming the position of ‘Jagadguru’ in the comity of nations.”

 He stated the vision for future when he said we have got the ‘Swaraj” 70 years back now we have to transform it to ‘Suraaj’ or the righteous government. How will this goal be attained? By ‘Bharat Jodo’ means all Indians firmly boding together. This has to be our path ahead in 21st Century.