On the wee hours of Saturday morning, Darjeeling was shook by a high intensity explosion in motor stand at the Chowk Bazar area. At least 12 shops have been reported to be destroyed by the blast; no casualties have been reported so far. The blast had occurred in front of the Old Super Market next to the Singamari Motor Syndicate.

Commenting on the blast, Superintendent of Police said that there was a huge blast at around 12.15 am in front of the Old Super market town in Darjeeling. The investigations are underway to ascertain the nature of the blast and also search teams have been formed to find who was behind the blast, official added.

A nearby resident said that the no one was injured as the blast took place at night. He further added that the blast was so loud that it could be heard from a distance.

Even though no one was injured, holes were caused in the iron shutters of most of the shops, a local added.

Darjeeling had been facing unrest since past few months as GJM protesters are seeking their own Gorkhaland.