Slamming all the reports and ignoring the deaths of children due to the online game — Blue Whale Challenge — a senior police officer said that the ‘game is non-existent’ at a conference on cyber security in Kochi.

Addressing the media at ‘c0c0n X – 2017’, IGP and the nodal officer of Cyberdome, Manoj Abraham said that the experts have not come across even a single administrator of the game.

Speaking to the reporters at the conference, Abraham said, “Cyberdome experts had not come across even one administrator, goading gamers to undertake bizarre tasks. The experts had extensively searched the cyber space for more than a fortnight for clues of the game.”

According to a leading daily, while referring to the suicides which took place in Russia — where the game is said to be originated from — IGP said that a tutor had established direct contact with potential players over social media platforms, and goaded them to take up tasks fatal to the gamers.

Commenting on victim’s behaviour, Abraham said that the symptoms mistaken as signs of teens’ participation in the game were those of depression and suicidal tendencies.

Sticking to his first claim of the game being non-existent, he said that the forensic tests of the electronic devices of the deceased did not reveal any evidence of the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ game.

Joining Abraham’s chorus, Parry Aftab a digital privacy and security lawyer with ‘Cyber Safety India Org’ termed the instances of Blue Whale-related suicides as fake news.

Previously it had been reported that several youths worldwide had fallen prey to the online challenge. Apart from the dead of a Mumbai boy, 2 deaths in Kerala, 1 in Thiruvanathapuram and another in Kannur, were also being suspected to be the result of the online game, Blue Whale Challenge.