Lt Governor Kiran Bedi did a late night security surveillance of the busy Puducherry streets on Friday. She personally checked the status of security in the vulnerable areas of the city; she did so while riding on a scooty along with a staff acquaintance.

In the video posted by the retired IPS officer on her twitter account, she can be seen surveying the city riding on a scooty with her head covered with a scarf.

Bedi is known for her pro-activeness in identifying potentially unprotected areas in her constituencies, this time around she did a round in civic appearance without being noticed by passers-by. She took to twitter to reveal the move and wrote

“Found Puducherry reasonably safe at night. But will be improved. Also urge people to connect with PCR, 100 and inform the concerns.”

She also revealed a video on Twitter where the duo can be seen moving around the city streets for a reality check on the ground level. “A clip of night round done ‘incognito’ to check how safe was it for women during late night hours. Helped identify areas for improvement.”

Twitter lauded the move, but there were a few who also pointed out the fact that the officer and her companion were not wearing helmet and were setting a bad example for the nation to follow.

Kiran Bedi later clarified that she intentionally kept it without the head gear as she wanted to find out how women driving a scooty late night are looked at “Not wearing helmet was a careful choice. Both wanted to appear vulnerable & wanted to see how we women driving a scooty at night are looked at” she wrote on Twitter explaining about the missing helmet.