In a flurry of allegations, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has slammed Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) president Amit Shah of behaving like a dictator and asked the saffron party to take care of him.

Hitting out at the BJP on being questioned about the state of weak opposition, Mamata said, “the country is going through super dictatorship.” How BJP’s party president was calling ministers for the meeting. “Narendra Modi is the Prime minister or Amit Shah,” questioned Mamata.

Speaking further, derailing from her hardline approach towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who she has vocally challenged over demonetisation and GST, Mamata said that she favours the PM but not Amit Shah.

“I favour Narendra Modi, not Amit Shah. I do not blame the PM. Why should I blame him? His party should take care of it,” Mamata told a private news channel on Friday.

Mamata also accused that BJP had created an environment of “fear” across the country and the party should keep a check on how Amit Shah is conducting himself.

Meanwhile, the Bengal CM praised former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and said that he too was a BJP man but was “very balanced and impartial.”

Earlier, after sweeping the Bengal civic polls with a landslide victory, Mamata had asserted that she was very confident of regime change after 2019 General elections in the country.

“There will be a change of power at the Centre in 2019. We are all waiting for it,” said Banerjee.

She asked everyone to wait for six months as anti-BJP opposition parties will have joined hands to become a strong opposition and spoil the party for the BJP-powered NDA government.

No front has come up as yet. But the opposition parties have come on a platform. They have started working. Wait for six months, and see the results, things will be clear,” she said replying to a question at ‘Rising Bengal-2017, Setting the Development Agenda’ event organised by Network18.

The Trinamool Congress chief also accused Modi government of using Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and other law enforcement agencies to silence opposition voices.