In what could be perceived as good news for all the ‘Mumbaikars’, the Maharashtra Government told the Bombay High Court that there are no ‘silent zones’ in the city and hence there is no need to fix the decibel level of loudspeakers which have been adopted as the integral part of festivities across the nation.

So, this time it’s going to be a ‘noisy’ Ganesh festival.

The reply came in after the Court had asked the State government that ‘why is it so keen over allowing the use of loudspeakers during Ganpati fest’. The submission on behalf of the government was made by Advocate-General Ashutosh Kumbhkoni. In the appeal filed, he tried to justify government’s move to amend 2000’s Noise Pollution Rules.

According to the amendment, no area can be considered a silence zone unless notified by the state.

With the help of the amendment, the government is trying to get around the ruling by the court that had banned the use of loudspeakers in the city.

Earlier, on Tuesday, Maharashtra government had alerted the a bench of justices saying that there are no silence zones in the state as of now, but that the state is mulling to notify them soon.

The government has filed another affidavit revealing the steps it has taken to comply with the High Court’s ruling.