The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has rescued around 40 fishermen and 8 fishing boats which were reported to be missing off the Gujarat coast. The reports of missing fishermen came after inclement prevailing weather and turbulent sea state that led to several fishing boats going aground.

Arabian sea has been out roaring after heavy rainfalls since past few days, some fishermen who were on their normal daily affair, fishing in the sea got stuck after the weather turned severe.

The ICG quickly reacted to Fishermen association’s direction on the missing fishermen and a search operation was launched to find the lost ones. Flow of two Coast Guard ships were diverted in the direction of the search and an ALH helicopter was also put into action.

So far 8 fishing boats and around 40 fishermen have been rescued and brought to safety with search and rescue mission still going on in search of fishermen reported missing.

No causalities have been reported injured fishermen have been admitted to local medical facilities and are recovering well. 40-50 more such fishermen are still missing with the rescue team on a search.

This is a developing story, more details to follow