Even though Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh have been sentenced for 20 years for raping 2 of his Dera followers, the developments relating to his lifestyle, his army and his ‘daughter’ just keep coming out time to time.

On Monday, the Haryana police raided the Dera Sach Sauda Headquarter in Sirsa and seized a huge cache of arms. However, around 90% of the arms seized were licensed.

Reports suggested that the arms were being used by the followers of Ram Rahim in inciting tensions and disrupting the harmony after he was awarded 20 years of jail time.

After Ram Rahim was sentenced by the special CBI court in Panchkula, around 18 girls and 34 boys were rescued from the Dera.

Reports also suggested that apart from missing his lavish lifestyle in jail, Ram Rahim currently aches for his adopted daughter Priyanka Taneja aka Honeypreet Insaan.

The unsettling love for ‘Honey’preet Insaan forced Ram Rahim to appeal to court to allow his daughter, caretaker live with him in his jail as she is also his physiotherapist and masseuse.

Following this, speculations claiming Honeypreet to be next Dera chief also started doing rounds. Ram Rahim’s adopted daughter is being hunted down by the security authorities after she went missing after Dera chief’s sentencing.

At least 38 people died and scores were left injured on August 28 after the Dera followers went violent and damaged the properties, burned down the vehicles.

The incident also highlighted the incapabilities of the Khattar Government as they failed to contain the violence even after by Court’s strict orders.

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